This blog was created to help those wanting to make best use of their WGR614 WiFi Router. The configurations that I mention below works with BSNL and Airtel connections (India). However, it can certainly work well with any PPPoE based ADSL connections.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Advanced Wireless Settings


Remember that if you require extra security, you can setup access list. Only those devices which are in the specified list of MACs will be able to access the network. This is a nice idea, but does not work when your friend or relative comes home and wants to access internet. You can rather give him your WEP key rather than going to the modem and painstakingly add his MAC to your white list. I donot have it enabled, as it ended up to be more hassle than security. If new users in your wireless network is not frequent, this is a great option.

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