This blog was created to help those wanting to make best use of their WGR614 WiFi Router. The configurations that I mention below works with BSNL and Airtel connections (India). However, it can certainly work well with any PPPoE based ADSL connections.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Basic Setting


This is the first screen you would be seeing when you login. In an unconfigured modem, when you login you will not see this screen. Instead you will be greeted with a screen, which will tell that it will intelligently try probing your network to see what it can be configured as. This did not work for me properly though, so I decided to play around myself. In this screen basically you enter your connection as PPPoE and username and password. The modem supposedly detects the VPI /VCI (whatever), so you need not worry about those numbers. Remember to set IP Address set dynamically and DNS server set dynamically.

Note on DNS: Sometimes, if your ISP's DNS server is flaky (BSNL users experience this often), you can set this to some opendns DNS IP. More details on opendns at Also remember that, any third party DNS is expected to be definitely slower than your ISP's DNS (unless your ISP's DNS sucks - in which case it makes perfect sense to switch to OpenDNS).

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